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Diversity in the Curriculum:  An Introduction to Inclusive Teaching Principles

Wrokshops are offered Spring and Fall as 2 part sessions.

The Institute for Diversity, Equity, and Advocacy (IDEA), a unit of the Office for Equity and Diversity, and the Center for Educational Innovation (Academic Affairs and Office of the Provost) invite full-time faculty/instructors to participate in this two-part workshop with the goal of revising their courses to integrate inclusive teaching principles.  Facilitated by Dr. Anita Gonzalez, Center for Educational Innovation, and Prof. Sean Garrick, College of Science and Engineering and IDEA Faculty Development Fellow, this workshop introduces participants to an inclusive teaching framework that addresses classroom climate, teaching/learning methods, and course content.  This foundational workshop promotes course design and class sessions that address a diversity of student needs.

This workshop is open to all full-time U of M faculty and instructors. Attendance at both sessions is required. Registration is also required. (Capacity 16 participants)  

Part 1 provides faculty/instructors with an inclusive teaching framework
Part 2 partners faculty/instructors with a team leader and colleagues from similar fields to provide feedback and generate ideas for targeted changes in a course

After Part 2, participants will revise their syllabus or syllabus section. Participants will apply workshop ideas for redesigning assignments, learning activities and course content.

Faculty/instructors who complete both parts of the workshop and turn in a revised syllabus will receive a $250 stipend for future professional development.  Funds will be transferred to the participant’s Professional Development EFS account.

Additional Resources

*note: The Center for Educational Innovation also offers consultation sessions for individual faculty members, instructional staff, and TAs who wish to discuss teaching concerns and effectiveness as they relate to a particular class. More information is available on their website:, select the tab for Courses and Programs.


Diversity Through the Disciplines Symposium

Each spring the Institute for Diversity, Equity, and Advocacy proudly hosts presentations from past Multicultural Award Recipients*.
These Symposia showcase the research they conducted through this grant. These talks are always free and open to the public. 

*If you are an MRA recipient who has not presented on your research, please contact the Institute for Diversity, Equity, and Advocacy to make arrangements to present:


View past Symposia posters: 

Spring 2017


Spring 2016

Diversity Through the Disciplines Poster


Spring 2015


 American Indian Faculty and Faculty of Color Writing Workshops

In 2016 IDEA hosted a series of special sessions facilitated by faculty fellow, Priscilla Gibson.
Several of these experienced faculty members have made their writing strategies on the following topics available to you.

Download the presentations below:


Keeping Our Faculty Symposium VII

 Keeping Our Faculty Symposium VII was held on April 17-19, 2016. 

Visit the webpage for all the details:

Social Gatherings for American Indian Faculty and Faculty of Color

The Institute for Diversity, Equity, and Advocacy (IDEA) invite University of Minnesota American Indian faculty and faculty of color to twice yearly gatherings.
These informal gatherings are an opportunity for American Indian faculty and faculty of color to socialize, network and build community in an informal and relaxed atmosphere. 

Most recenlty, on April 28, 2017, faculty gathered at Eastcliff, the official residence of the University of Minnesota.


Faculty gathering at Eascliff.        Faculty gathered at Eastcliff   


Other IDEA and OED Workshops and Events:

Gallery of Excellence

The Gallery of Excellence takes place each fall,  in association with the Equity and Diversity Breakfast held in the McNamara Alumni Center

Since 2012, the Gallery of Excellence has highlighted faculty research in diversity and equity as part of the annual Diversity Breakfast. OED has invited deans from all collegiate units on the Twin Cities, and the Offices of the Chancellor on coordinate campuses, to highlight their faculty’s scholarly work around equity and diversity issues, conducted at the University of Minnesota.  In order to register as an exhibitor in the Gallery of Excellence, faculty members must have received the recommendation of their dean or department head. 
For more details visit our Gallery of Excellence page.

Faculty-Specific Workshops Offered by OED

  • Teaching With Intention: Facilitating Challenging Conversations in the Classroom - In this workshop, instructors will learn strategies for addressing issues of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and religion, among others that may arise, in order to support classroom community and promote inclusive teaching.

  • Identifying and Challenging Implicit Bias in Faculty Search Committees -This workshop examines implicit bias research and will help participants to recognize shorts cuts that are the result of unconscious or unexamined bias.  Participants will learn best practices and resources for addressing implicit bias in the context of faculty search committees.  Faculty and staff participants of departmental search processes are invited to participate in this workshop.

Learn more about the workshops listed above and find a link to registration details here: