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The University of Minnesota is pleased to announce the seventh of these biannual Symposia. We invite you to join us as we gather to engage cross-disciplinary theories, rigorous scholarship, and innovative practices to advance conceptual, empirical, and practical work to recruit, develop, and retain faculty of color.

Symposium Goals

This symposium will bring together scholars, practitioners, and leaders committed to understanding and promoting faculty diversity in academia.

Solicitation of Symposium Topics

We seek proposals for scholarly papers, panels, workshops, presentations, best practices and posters related to recruiting, retaining, and advancing American Indian faculty and faculty of color in academia. We encourage new voices to join our conversation on topics including, but not limited to, the following questions. 

  • What important lessons have we learned about diversifying faculty? 
  • Do we need to re-think our current frameworks for advocating for and even discussing faculty diversity? If so, from which discursive resources should we draw?
  • How can we ensure the continual interaction of theory, research, and practice as they relate to supporting a diverse faculty?
  • How can faculty and administrators with multiple, intersecting identities support faculty diversity, especially as allies? 
  • How might partnerships within and between educational and community organizations creatively and effectively enhance faculty diversity?
  • How should we assess our efforts to diversify our faculty in ways that inform practice and promote responsibility?
  • What are the experiences of American Indian faculty and faculty of color? In what ways does the campus climate facilitate or inhibit their contributions?
  • Proposals should identify the type(s) of institutions to be considered in the presentation and how the presentation will engage the audience.

How to Submit

Authors must submit an electronic copy of their proposal (1-2 pages) including, as appropriate, links to previous research and/or publications, by November 6, 2015. The call for proposals has concluded.  Submissions can be for individual proposals (15-20 minutes) or for an entire session (75 minutes). We encourage presentations representing multiple institutions and/or disciplines. The number of presentation sessions is limited.

View sample submissions from previous years:

Notification of Acceptance

The planning committee will review the proposals and authors will be notified of the acceptance of their presentation by mid-December, 2015. Accepted proposals will be made available on the conference website.