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The University of Minnesota--Twin Cities is built within the traditional homelands of the Daḳota people. Minnesota comes from the Daḳota name for this region, Mni Sota Maḳoce--the land where the waters reflect the skies. Each day students, faculty, staff and community members who use our services look out our windows to the Ḣaḣa Wakpa, the River of the Waterfalls. The Circle of Indigenous Nations recognizes the original peoples of this place and makes ongoing efforts to educate the campus community about the ongoing relationship that Daḳota people have to this area.

-Iyekiyapiwiƞ Darlene St. Clair, Bdewakaƞtuƞwaƞ Daḳota


The Circle of Indigenous Nations recruits, retains, and graduates American Indian/First Nations/Alaskan Native students by promoting cultural values that help indigenous students become self-directed, excel academically, and succeed in all areas of individual matriculation, academic pursuits, and career aspirations. In addition, the Circle of Indigenous Nations strives to bridge the richness of the surrounding American Indian communities with the strengths of the University’s research, education and teaching.


  • Develop quality programs that support Indigenous students
  • Strengthen Indigenous students in their academic development
  • Maintain Indigenous cultural and individual identities
  • Preserve and utilize Indigenous history and culture
  • Build effective relationships with campus resources


The Circle of Indigenous Nations fosters an environment that allows students to feel a sense of community on campus. The Circle of Indigenous Nations contributes to the strengthening and development of all students through culturally specific services and activities. As part of the Office for Equity and Diversity's Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence the Circle of Indigenous Nations is closely connected to the American Indian Cultural House Living Learning Community, the American Indian Science and Engineering Society, the American Indian Student Cultural Center, the Department of American Indian Studies, the Office of Admissions and the University Libraries.

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