MCAE Coaching Program

Want to graduate in four years and get the most out of your education? Want to build your cultural capital and have access to all the resources to be successful socially and academically?

To help you meet that goal, MCAE has developed the MCAE Coaching Program.

MCAE Coaching Program

By participating in MCAE's first year coaching program, students will be able to:
Utilize a digital calendar/planner to manage their time
Visit at least three campus resources (other than MCAE) and articulate how those resources will help them succeed
Engange in conversation with a faculty member
Develop an academic success plan and monitor progress
Students engaged in MCAE's coaching program meet with a staff member approximately once per month to help ease the challenges of the academic and personal transition from high school to college. MCAE coaches get to know their students on a personal level and can refer students to campus and community resources that will enhance their experiences as a college student. While the coaching program is geared towards first-year students, MCAE staff meet with students across all years.
If you are a current student who is interested in an MCAE coach, please contact Aurelio Curbelo ( for more information about how to get paired with a staff member.

Students who participate in MCAE Coaching experience a distinct impact!

Contact Information

Dr. Aurelio Curbelo, Director

Phone: 612-625-5033