Our Purpose

One MCAE, with Students at the Center: Support. Engage. Connect.

Mission: The Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence supports students in their academic persistence and achievement, while encouraging them in their personal endeavors; engages them in the University and Twin Cities communities; and connects them to resources, all of which promote retention and drive them to discover and reach their true potential.  We provide services and programs that create powerful, caring human connections and promote a sense of social justice and social responsibility.


Our Purpose: The University of Minnesota's Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence exists to support students' academic success and inspire their sense of community engagement and belonging. Our work is critical to the University's quest for inclusive excellence across the curriculum, the campus, and every aspect of the community.


Vision: We envision a center in which all students excel academically and feel supported, engaged, and connected; where the identity and self-expression of every community member is encouraged and embraced; and where lives are transformed and social justice is a daily lived experience by all.


Our Student-Centered Philosophy: We, the staff of the Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence, always keep students at the center of our work, which means:

-We support students academically and personally by making ourselves available as mentors, coaches, and allies on their journeys through college.

-We engage students actively and regularly, listening to their concerns and offering a careful balance of challenge and support; we encourage and recognize student success.

-We connect students to other University and community resources in service to their growth and development.