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The Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence (MCAE) is a campus-wide resource that promotes an inclusive atmosphere to foster and enrich multicultural understanding among all members of the University of Minnesota community. MCAE's commitment to creating such a climate is driven by a student-centered culture in which students are the highest priority. Check out our purpose and learn about the campus climate we're working to create. Join us!


MCAE:  A Welcome Letter From The Director



My name is Aurelio Curbelo, and I am the Director of the Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence at the University of Minnesota.  I would like to wish you a great semester full of new adventures, wonderful stories, and proud academic achievements.  In my second year as MCAE’s Director I am deeply humbled by our commitment as an academic unit supporting, engaging, and connecting students with the best professional services and leadership experiences available at this institution.  Rest assured that the MCAE team will prepare you to succeed as a competitive leader in higher education by offering premier student-centered activities that are complemented with professional training opportunities.  I can attest to the fact that the MCAE team is composed by a staff of experts with the ability to prepare students for lasting global academic achievements.  For that reason, I highly encourage you to contact us via email at mcae@umn.edu or stop by any of our accessible Campus Locations.   

As you know, this fall of 2017 we embarked in a journey where you need to work closely with MCAE in order to thrive academically at the University of Minnesota.  To help you succeed academically, the Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence offers a series of signature programs.  One of the most popular programs at MCAE is offered by the MCAE Instructional Center where students can obtain free tutoring services, learn in groups, or individually complete their homeworks.  The MCAE Instructional Center also offers writing and language training sessions for students to develop the ability to write excellent research papers.  Another important programs are the Ambassadors Program and the MCAE Coaching Program because they are two college-success platforms that will provide you with social, cultural, and academic support during your time at the University of Minnesota.

To gain leadership skills, I ask that you do the most this semester to pursue a critical way of thinking about the world and embrace this institution in the pursuit of social justice for all members of the UMN community.  At MCAE we recognize that equity and diversity are an essential part of the University’s strength.  We understand that the University of Minnesota depends upon the freedom to exchange ideas in order to develop groundbreaking research, engage in open dialogues about social issues, and develop sustainable solutions through a variety of entrepreneurial concepts.  Therefore, I challenge you to become a skilled student leader with study abroad experiences, global perspectives, and the academic excellence required to represent your family around the world.  

Take advantage of all the opportunities that MCAE offers and obtain the necessary competitive skills to become a role model in your community.  Make good friends while you can because friends are constantly pushing you to succeed in life and will always lend you a hand when needed. Finally remember that your presence at MCAE is an indication that you are committed to making a positive difference, not only at the University of Minnesota, but throughout your state and the country.  Meanwhile, I’m here to help you. If there is anything I can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Have a Great Semester!


Dr. Aurelio Curbelo

MCAE Director