Community Outreach, Retention and Engagement (CORE) Program


What is CORE: The Community Outreach, Retention, and Engagement Program is a community-based initiative that functions to empower students, families, and their communities, to achieve their educational and economic goals. 

What do we do: CORE focuses on addressing the academic, fianncial, and social barriers to higher education. We do this through building awareness and investing in our participant's capacity (i.e. knowledge, skill, ability, etc.). 

Who we serve: We serve students that will be the first in their family to attend college; students and families that are concerned about their ability to pay for college, and/or students from African American, Hmong, Latino, and Native American backgrounds. 



To provide the best possible service and outcomes we are changing our approach to becoming involved with CORE. Instead of an online sign-up and going into a database, we are creating an information intake form, connect with you, and organize a CORE Pod (a learning group) at your local school or in your community. CORE Pods are group based learning, and will serve as the primary delivery method of the Ramp-Up to Readiness curriculum and the means through which students learn and grow. 

Want to get involved with CORE? Contact us, and let's get started on helping your students get Prepared for Life


The CORE Program values character traits above all of others. Our program has strong cirriculum, an enthusiastic and motivated team, and knows how to put on an event. However, what is most prized among our participants and our team are: effort, enthusiasm, focus. Without these foundational values, our program cannot best serve you. When considering if CORE is right for you, think about those three things. Are you willing to invest your best effort, enthusiasm, and focus into your future? 


  • Quarterly Campus Visits
    • Fall Activator 
    • Winter Energizer 
    • Spring Accelerator 
    • Summer Summit
  • School or Community-based Programming
    • CORE Pods - Ramp-Up to Readiness
  • Knowledge Campaigns
    • Ready 4 U! (Fall 2017) 
    • Watch your 6 (Fall 2017) 
  • Community Engagment
    • Public Speaking (Motivation, Financial Aid, College Process, etc.) 
    • Volunteering 
    • Community Partnerships


Nationally and at the University of Minnesota, students of color - in general, and specifically men of color - lag behind all other students as it relates to academic success.  They enroll, matriculate, and graduate at lower rates than all other student demographics.  In order to change this, the University must make a concerted effort to engage with multicultural students, especially men of color, before they even reach college age.  There are many successful national program models that can be duplicated.  The most successful programs have cohort models that focus on success and help to instill and highlight grit and resilience in overcoming challenging life circumstances that could impede academic success.  The C2025 program will incorporate the best of these models to create a cohort of multicultural students who will graduate from the University of Minnesota in 2025.

The business case for this program is strong.  Over the next 25 years the demographics of the Twin Cities region will change dramatically.  Currently, the region is almost 80% White, but will be closer to 50% in 25 years according to most population estimates.  In order for the University of Minnesota to operationalize its land grant mission of serving the state’s citizenry and to continue to be the economic driver of the region, we need to produce graduates who are representative of this emerging diversity.


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