As we are launching this new initiative, there have been some Frequently Asked Questions that we can address at this time:

Does this program only consider students interested in attending the University of Minnesota Twin Cities or other postsecondary institutions? Are CORE participants guaranteed admission to the University of Minnesota?

CORE considers all students interested in pursuing a post-secondary education, regardless of institutional preference. However, participation in CORE does not guarantee admission to the University of Minnesota. 


How will the U track and support the students in this program?

We will take advantage of an advising system that allows us to track all of the contacts that we have with the students and their families. 


Where is the funding for this program coming from? 

The Office for Equity and Diversity and 3M are our currently our primary funders. We are actively developing new channels for sustained income as well as reaching out to new corporate partners support the growth of CORE. 


Will the students who complete this program have scholarships waiting on them?

This program does not have a scholarship component at this time. However, we are excited about two promising scholarship resources that will be available for CORE students to compete for.


What do you mean by multicultural students?

We mean first generation, low income, students of color (including African American, Asian Pacific Islanders, Hispanic/Latino, First Nations/Native American, Hmong, Somali, and other underserved students who might fall outside of these identified parameters, but need this kind of support)


What are the expectations regarding attendance and engagment?

CORE participants are expected to:

  • Attend quarterly campus visits each year (i.e., January, April, July, October)
  • Regularly attend and engage in in school/community-based programs and complete assigned activities


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