Office for Equity and Diversity Sponsorship

OED has limited funds available to help support programming and initiatives related to equity and diversity issues at the University of Minnesota. U of M-affiliated departments, units and student groups are invited to submit requests for such support. Requests can be for financial support, participation, promotional/marketing assistance or other in-kind contributions.

Application Process

  • Submit your request for funding online
    • Applicants must fully complete the application. Incomplete proposals will not be considered.
    • Applications must include a complete budget and a list of other services from which funding is being sought.
    • Applications must be received at least 30 days in advance of the program/project start.

Additional Information

Co-sponsorship requests will be reviewed as they are received. Requests for retroactive funding will not be considered.

All publicity for co-sponsored events must mention the assistance of OED and should include the OED logo when possible. Copies of flyers, announcements, etc. must be supplied to OED.

Co-sponsorship requests will be evaluated based on the consistency of the proposed project or program with OED's mission, vision and values.

Please direct questions regarding the application process to: Barbara Chapin, 612-626-7386,

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