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Civil Service Bargaining Unit Women's Action Network

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The Civil Service and Bargaining Unit Women’s Action Network (CSBU-WAN) provides leadership resources to improve and enrich the professional environment for CSBU women at the University of Minnesota. We support the mission by advocating women’s concerns and increasing respect for CSBU women. Additionally, we aim to expand professional and personal development through increasing networking opportunities.

Steering Committee 2013-14

Bonnie Marten (Past Chair & Chair: Respect Sub-Committee), Human Resources, 626-9665,
Christa Nicols (Chair: Events & Marketing Sub-Committee), Academic Support Resources, 626-7292,
Elizabeth Nelson (Chair), TRiO Upward Bound, 624-0865,
Joli Roehl (Co-Chair: Events & Marketing Sub-Committee), Academic Support Resources - IT, 624-0222,
Mary Austin, Epidemiology, 626-9462,
Mary Beard (Chair: Membership Sub-Committee), Family Social Sciences, 625-7036,
Molly Diethelm, Mortuary Science, 624-6464,
Nan Nelson, Department of Writing Studies, 624-4761,
Peg Lonnquist (Ex-Officio), Women's Center, 625-6039,
Sara Smuk, Facilities Management, St Paul West District, 625-1335,
Terri Wallace (Treasurer), Center for Writing, 626-7583,

The committee’s main responsibilities are publicizing (via the web) the annual CS/BU Staff Award winners, and working with the Women's Center to develop and implement programs that serve CS/BU women.


The University of Minnesota Commission on Women was established in 1988 to improve and enrich the work and learning environments for women. During the 1992-93 academic year, the Commission on Women established the Civil Service and Bargaining Unit (CS/BU) Women’s Initiative to address concerns of CS/BU women. Focus groups evaluated the climate for CS/BU women and a steering committee was formed.

In 1994 and 1995, the initiative sponsored a bag lunch series, the “Looking at Leadership in the Mirror” national conference, and created the CS/BU Staff Award. The initiative has continued to sponsor career, professional, and personal development programming, and to develop further avenues to support CS/BU staff women.

Transitions and New Name

The 1997-98 academic year was a time of transition for the CS/BU Women’s Initiative as the University’s Commission on Women was restructured. During this transition, the CS/BU Women’s Initiative held focus groups to assess work environment issues for CS/BU women that could guide future programming. This energetic CS/BU committee has continued to work with the Women's Center to develop and offer programming for CS/BU women, and in 2007, committee members voted to change the group’s name from CS/BU Women’s Initiative Steering Committee to CS/BU Women’s Action Network.

The CS/BU Women’s Action Network continues to assist in recognizing the accomplishments and service of CS/BU women by promoting the CS/BU Staff Award, as well as staffing a booth to promote the group's work at the annual University of Minnesota Staff Day program.

Ways to Participate