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5 smiling students at the 2016 Indigenous Women and Women of Color Student SummitAt the Women’s Center, volunteer involvement is a key part of our success, as we recognize that the value of working collaboratively, engaging others in the work of women’s and gender equity, and providing involvement and leadership opportunities for students, staff and faculty. Your level of involvement is up to you, and we have structured our volunteer opportunities so that you can participate as much or as little as you’d like. 

Some of the benefits of volunteering with us include:

  • Developing new skills and perspectives
  • Networking with students, faculty & staff
  • Learning about women’s and gender issues
  • Building community at the Women’s Center and around campus
  • Opportunities to develop new ideas/projects/events
  • Working on fun, educational, creative events and programs
  • Leadership opportunities

Staff and Faculty Involvement Opportunities

Student Involvement Opportunities

Student Volunteer Job/Project Descriptions & Responsibilities

Here is a list of volunteer positions and some of the possible tasks associated with them.  (Please note: volunteer commitment may include additional volunteer meetings and regular individual check-ins with the Program Coordinator.)


Post to Women’s Center blog twice a month (every other week) on your assigned day.

Media Mavens

Attend one or more Women’s Center events to record progress and capture the excitement. Edit, send, and upload the event record as asked by the Women’s Center staff. Other projects per your creativity e.g., create a YouTube Video.


Conduct research on topics of interest: improving campus for women, women graduate students, status of women on campus, eco-feminist actions we could take, etc., or work on the revision of Thriving Through the Experience, our definitive guide for women graduate and professional students.

For additional questions about volunteer opportunities, contact us at