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For over 50 years, the Women’s Center at the University of Minnesota has been a national and international model in higher education. Your gift allows us to continue our critical work to advocate for equity, to provide scholarships to help make the University financially accessible to talented women from diverse backgrounds, to educate leaders who make a positive impact on their communities, and to support the University’s mission to become one of the top universities in the world.

Your gift, whether small or large, makes a huge difference and we thank you! Gifts are accepted by the University of Minnesota Foundation and by clicking one of the following links, you can choose to give your gift directly to the Carol E. Macpherson Memorial Scholarship, the Dr. Nancy “Rusty” Barceló Scholarship, the Mullen/Spector/Truax Endowment, the Charlotte Striebel Equity Award, or the Women’s Center Leadership Fund.

Carol E. Macpherson Memorial Scholarship

The Carol E. Macpherson Memorial Scholarship was created in 1976 in memory of Carol by her family. This scholarship has assisted over 900 “non-traditional” students. Carol would be pleased to learn of the extraordinary accomplishments of Macpherson scholars and applaud the adversities they have overcome.

Dr. Nancy “Rusty” Barceló Scholarship

The Dr. Nancy “Rusty” Barceló Scholarship assists students with financial need in completing their education at the University. Dr. Nancy “Rusty” Barceló served as the Vice President and Vice Provost for Equity and Diversity at the University of Minnesota. Once the only Chicana student at the University of Iowa, Rusty has since become one of the nation’s most highly respected authorities on equity and diversity in higher education.

Mullen/Spector/Truax Endowment

The Mullen/Spector/Truax Endowment was established in 1997 to provide funds for the Mullen/Spector/Truax Women’s Leadership Award given annually to a faculty or staff woman at the University who has made outstanding contributions to women’s leadership development. This award honors women, not only for their own leadership qualities, but also for their efforts to develop leadership within others. This award honors Patricia Mullen, Janet Spector, and Anne Truax for their contributions to women at the University of Minnesota in their positions in Equal Opportunity Affirmative Action, the Center for Advanced Feminist Studies, at the Minnesota Women’s Center, respectively.

Charlotte Striebel Equity Award

The Charlotte Striebel Equity Award was established to honor Charlotte Striebel (1929-2014), Mathematics professor-teacher-friend-feminist-scholar-mentor, and further her own passionate work for women's equity in salary, hiring and promotion.  This award recognizes contributions from faculty and staff of any gender who promote access for the common good, help undo bias and discrimination, or build capacity for diverse and equitable campus communities.

Women’s Center Leadership Fund

The Women’s Center Leadership Fund provides an opportunity for gifts to be given to support work that promotes equity and diversity on campus, that uses research and action to improve the organizational culture, and that develops socially responsible leaders—all with a focus on women. These funds may be used for initiatives such as: The Women’s Leadership Institute (for staff and faculty); the Women of Color Student Summit; the Leading for Equity Initiative (for departments); hiring a graduate assistant to compile a Report on the Status of Women at the University of Minnesota; and/or seed money to offer a regional or national conference for women in higher education.