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Leadership Development

Feminist Ambassador Brigade (FAB)

The Feminist Ambassador Brigade (FAB) is the Women's Center student volunteer program. FAB members contribute to advancing gender equity for students, staff, and faculty across identities by assisting with existing Women's Center initiatives as well as developing their own passion-driven projects.

Indigenous Women & Women of Color Student Summit

Held every other year, the Indigenous Women & Women of Color Student Summit brings together indigenous women and women of color undergraduate and graduate students to dialogue and address issues of community-building, activism, and leadership.

Our Voices: Indigenous Women and Women of Color

A dialogue group centering undergraduate women-identified indigenous students, students of color, and multiracial students. Our Voices aims to support and engage the intersection of identities, foster a safe space for identity development, self-expression, and self-reflection, and develop responsible leaders to advance the needs and enrich the experiences of indigenous women and women of color.

Women's Leadership Institute

The Women’s Leadership Institute (WLI) is a selected cohort of University women that meets monthly to learn about and cultivate leadership skills via guest speakers, reflection and group discussion. WLI is held every other year.