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Mullen/Spector/Truax Women's Leadership Award


The Mullen/Spector/Truax Endowment was established in 1997 to provide funds for the Mullen/Spector/Truax Women’s Leadership Award given annually to a faculty or staff woman at the University who has made outstanding contributions to women’s leadership development. This award honors Patricia Mullen, Janet Spector, and Anne Truax for their contributions to women at the University of Minnesota in their positions in Equal Opportunity Affirmative Action, the Center for Advanced Feminist Studies, and at the Minnesota Women’s Center, respectively. Women's Center Director with 2011 MST Award Recipient


The Mullen/Spector/Truax Endowment for Women’s Leadership Development and the Women's Center.


A $1500 award will be given to the recipient’s department to be used by the winner in support of her professional development programs and activities. Award to be given at the annual Celebrating University Women Awards Program hosted by the Women's Center.


4:30 p.m., second Friday in March


Women faculty or staff members who have been at the University of Minnesota (systemwide) at least three years. Faculty nominations will be considered in even calendar years and staff nominations will be considered in odd calendar years.

Selection Criteria

Nominees are evaluated on the basis of a narrative and letters of support documenting their outstanding contributions to developing leadership in women. Applications should focus on nominees' contributions to University women, although their contributions to women in the community can also be included. We especially encourage applications that highlight nominees' contributions to serving underrepresented women. The narrative should provide: 

  • Two or more specific examples of contributions to developing women's leadership, such as:
    • Distinguished program creation that helps University women faculty, staff, or students build skills and/or knowledge essential to success
    • Policy or procedural changes that improve leadership opportunities for University women
    • Creation or improvement of community initiatives that reinforce and expand advancement and leadership opportunities for women
    • Outstanding one-to-one mentorship in developing leadership in other women  
  • Details regarding the impact and scope/audience of these contributions
  • Examples of the nominee's commitment to collaboration and support for diversity 

Selection Committee

Appointed by Women's Center, to include women faculty, P&A staff, Civil Service/Bargaining Unit staff, and a student representative.

Nomination Process

University of Minnesota faculty, staff, or students may make nominations (self-nominations accepted). Individuals nominated but not selected may be re-nominated for subsequent years. Nominations must include the following items:

  • One letter of nomination (a narrative describing how the nominee meets the criteria) (preferably under 500 words) 
  • Two letters of support (preferably under 500 words)
  • Nominee’s resume or curriculum vitae

Submit nominations to

Women's Center
64 Appleby Hall, 128 Pleasant St SE
Delivery Code 3503
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Questions: Women's Center, 612-625-9837, or