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Feminist Fridays

Feminist Fridays is a regular series featuring scholars, activists, artists, and professionals discussing their values in action. For upcoming Feminist Fridays, check our events calendar.

Attendees seated at tables at the November 2015 Feminist Friday co-sponsored with Circle of Indigenous Nations.

2018 Celebrating Changemakers Awards Program

Body Positivity Video

This video explores what it means to be body positive, and was created by Naly Vang, MSW intern with the Women's Center in 2016-2017!


For additional resources on body positivity, check out:

Macpherson 40th Anniversary Event

Our Voices: Indigenous Women and Women of Color


Our Voices: Indigenous and Women of Color is a dialogue group which aims to support and engage the intersection of identities, foster a safe space for identity development, self-expression, and self-reflection, and develop responsible leaders to advance the needs and enrich the experiences of indigenous women and women of color.

Feminism FAQs

These Frequently Asked Questions About Feminism were written in collaboration with artist and educator Guante. Feel free to share, and download a printable PDF version here.

Why We Still Need Women's Centers: 40 Facts You Never Knew About Gender Inequity

At the Women's Center, we are often asked questions about who we are, what we do, and if the work we do regarding women's and gender equity is necessary.

(L)Earning What You're Worth: Salary Negotiation Online Module

Welcome! We are excited to offer you this online version of our salary negotiation workshop and hope it helps you earn what you are worth -- as it has many others. This module will take about 2 hours at your own pace. Feel free to share widely!


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