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To serve as an effective catalyst to achieve equity for women on a large campus requires that a lot of the Women’s Center’s work be behind-the-scenes advocacy. Some of our work involves individual advocacy on the behalf of students, staff and faculty. But more often, we work as advocates for institutional change on issues impacting women by working strategically with key players, offices and committees on campus and in the community. The Women’s Center finds supportive individuals from entry-level employees to Vice Presidents and the Provost. Some of the major committees we work with include:

Thus, we work in collaboration with some amazing people across campus, some who have worked for equity for decades and others who have more recently brought their knowledge and energy to creating a more welcoming and respectful climate for women and, as a result, the entire University.

New to the U or the Twin Cities?

The Office for Diversity in Graduate Education has created a resource to assist new students, staff and faculty in transitioning to the University and to the Twin Cities area.  The Directory of Twin Cities Multicultural Resources and Services has over 1,000 organizations/services that can be viewed by major category or the primary community served.

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Off-Campus Resources