Equity and Diversity Certificate Program

OED Education Program Update

Fall ECHO Workshops

The Office for Equity and Diversity Education program is offering our Equity and Diversity Certificate workshops online this fall through ECHO (Equity Certificate Hosted Online). Please sign up for our Education Program email to stay up to date on ECHO offerings.

In-Person Workshops Announcement

Following guidance from President Gabel, students, staff, and faculty are encouraged to stay home. To facilitate physical distancing and help slow the spread of COVID-19, we have moved all OED in-person workshops to an online format until further notice. 

If you have any general questions or are concerned about finishing the Certificate Program in a timely manner, please contact us at oeded@umn.edu.

The Equity and Diversity Certificate helps participants develop tools necessary for advancing equity and diversity in all aspects of their personal and professional lives. The program:

  • Offers participants a theoretical framework for understanding equity and diversity work
  • Helps participants develop necessary skills for equity and diversity work
  • Gives participants direct experience working and communicating across differences

University of Minnesota Students, Staff, & Faculty

The Certificate program is free for all current students, staff, & faculty on all five system campuses. To register use your university login, scroll to the bottom of this page, click on ECHO Course Offerings, then select the workshop you would like to register for via Training Hub. Please see the FAQs if you have any questions or contact oeded@umn.edu.

External Participants

Each ECHO workshop will have 10 seats available for external participants.

External participants must first pay for the workshops they wish to attend via the Destiny One Registration System. Once you have paid for the workshops, you will be directed to return to Training Hub and sign-up for the same workshops for which you paid. Please see below for our fee structure:

  • $100/workshop ($900/all ten workshops) for self-supporting individuals external to the University of Minnesota system
  • $150/workshop ($1350/all ten workshops) for external participants sponsored by their employer that is a non-profit, government agency, or non-University of Minnesota college or university
  • $175/workshop ($1575/all ten workshops) for external participants sponsored by their employer that is a business or corporate entity

Starting in Fall 2020, alumni will be eligible for a 50% discount, and we will also be offering scholarships to any external participant upon request. Please contact oeded@umn.edu.

Workshop Announcement & Enrollment Schedule:

  • Summer Workshops will be added to the webpage and open for enrollment by January 31.
  • Fall Workshops will be added to the webpage and open for enrollment by August 17.
  • Spring Workshops will be added to the webpage and open for enrollment by December 1.

Basic Certificate

Ten Certificate Program Workshops

After completing all ten workshops, request your Basic Certificate here.

Advanced Certificate

Please note: We are in the process of redesigning our Advanced Certificate Program. Look for updates on this website or join our Education Program Email for announcements in the coming weeks.

If you've already completed the Advanced Certificate Dialogue Groups, complete the Application Component, and then request your Advanced Certificate.

ECHO (Equity Certificate Hosted Online)

The ECHO (Equity Certificate Hosted Online) is OED’s​ new online Equity and Diversity Certificate program. The program consists of three learning activities: reading materials, watching ​or listening to ​video​/audio​ clips, and ​Group ​Discussion participation. These activities represent and reflect three ways we can learn and grow in equity and diversity work – intellectual learning, emotional processing, and practicing skills.

ECHO courses are based on the in-person Certificate Workshops and have the same learning topics and objectives. Participants may complete the OED Basic Certificate Program via ECHO, in-person workshops, or a mixture of both. To complete the OED Education Basic Certificate, you must complete 10 online ​ECHO ​courses and/or in-person workshops.

Participants may complete activities 1 or 2 in any order. However, it is required that ​participants complete activities 1 and 2 before registering for a​ Group ​​Discussion​. Reflection questions will be asked at the end of activities 1 and 2 to confirm participation in these activities.

Activity 1: Each ​ECHO ​course will have 2-5 articles​ or information​ for participants to read. This material focuses on an intellectual understanding of the concepts in the learning ​area.

Activity 2: Each​ ECHO ​course will have 2-5 videos for participants to watch. These videos focus on the emotional and intellectual understandings in the learning area. 

Activity 3: Each ​ECHO ​course​ features a 75-minute online ​​discussion​ via Zoom​ that participants are required to join. Group discussions provide opportunities to respond to prompting questions related to the learning areas in activities 1 and 2, and the sharing of participants’ knowledge and skillsets. Maximum 20-25 participants​/discussion​.