Equity and Diversity Certificate Program

The Equity and Diversity Certificate helps participants develop tools necessary for advancing equity and diversity in all aspects of their personal and professional lives. It’s free of charge and open to students, faculty, and staff on all campuses of the University of Minnesota.

The certificate program:

  • Offers participants a theoretical framework for understanding equity and diversity work
  • Helps participants develop necessary skills for equity and diversity work
  • Gives participants direct experience working and communicating across differences

Changes Coming Fall 2018 for External Participants

While external participants are able to sign-up for workshops now during the Summer 2018 term for free, in the Fall of 2018 we will be implementing a new fee structure to support the on-going growth and development of our education program. The fee structure below outlines the new cost per workshop for external participants only:

  • $100 for alumni or self-supporting individuals external to the University of Minnesota system
  • $150 for external participants sponsored by their employer that is a non-profit, government agency, or non-University of Minnesota college or university
  • $175 for external participants sponsored by their employer that is a business or corporate entity

Each workshop will have 10 seats available for external participants. Information on how external participants can register and pay for workshops will be announced later this summer.

Basic Certificate

  • Ten Certificate Program Workshops, 30 hours

(30 hours total)

After completing all ten workshops, request your Basic Certificate here.

Advanced Certificate

(54 hours total)

After completing all the components, request your Advanced Certificate here.