Mission, Vision, & Values


Leverage the transformative power of equity and diversity to advance excellence in teaching, research and community engagement at the University of Minnesota.


We envision a University where equity and diversity are:

  1. Integrated into the work and lives of every student, faculty, and staff member.
  2. Recognized as core institutional values, and will inform thinking, policies, and practices throughout the University.
  3. Inherently intertwined with academic excellence and the development of leaders for a globally inclusive society.


Our commitment to social justice drives and grounds our work so that everything we do continuously fosters excellence through shared responsibility for:

  1. Access and Inclusion: continuously preparing, inviting, and welcoming people to an environment where all have the opportunity to thrive at the University and beyond.
  2. Community: creating equitable and collaborative partnerships to better work together within and outside the University towards shared goals.
  3. Education and Learning: actively and intentionally using models and practices that incorporate content that reflects diverse ways of knowing, being and experiencing the world.
  4. Sustainable Transformation: engaging in continuous individual and institutional reflection and collaboration to build capacity and integrate what we learn into our culture and infrastructure.
  5. Accountability: evaluating and assessing progress towards realization of the University’s vision for equity and diversity.