U of M Faculty/Staff Associations

Faculty/Staff Associations help make the University of Minnesota a more welcoming and inclusive place to work and learn. Connect with the groups below to find out how you can join their mailing lists, learn about their upcoming events, programs, and meetings, and get involved. 

Asian American Pacific Islander Desi (AAPID) Staff & Faculty Association

The Asian American Pacific Islander Desi Faculty and Staff Association strives to support AAPID employees at the University of Minnesota by sustaining a visible and dynamic AAPID community, engaging in professional networking and leadership development, and promoting the overall retention and advancement of AAPID employees at the U of M.

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American Indian Faculty & Staff Association

The purpose of the American Indian Faculty & Staff Association (AIFSA) is to create a space and opportunity for Indigenous faculty, staff, and graduate students at the University of Minnesota to connect with one another. All Indigenous faculty, staff, and graduate students are welcomed, including Native American, American Indian, Native Alaskan, Native Hawaiian, First Nation, Aboriginal, Maori, and other native peoples.

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Black Faculty & Staff Association

The mission of the Black Faculty & Staff Association (BFSA) is to build and maintain a well-connected community of Black employees to increase their sense of belonging and affinity to the University of Minnesota Twin Cities.

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Disabled Employees at the U

DEU is a newly established affinity group working to build an inclusive and accessible community to promote personal, professional, and educational development. 

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Jewish Faculty & Staff Association (JFSA)

The mission of the Jewish Faculty & Staff Association (JFSA) is to create a community of Jewish faculty, staff, and graduate students at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities.

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Latino/a/x Faculty & Staff Association

The Latino/a/x Faculty and Staff Association aims to provide opportunities for faculty, administrators, and staff to interact with each other and create community.

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Pride at Work

Pride @ Work is the U of M’s affinity group for LGBTQIA employees. Housed in the Gender and Sexuality Center for Queer and Trans Life, Pride @ Work links together LGBTQIA employees at the U of M through monthly luncheons, critical coffee chats and/or after-work socials. Join this incredible group of LGBTQIA employees who link together across the University of Minnesota to engage in social and professional networking, creating campus-wide change, and discussing critical topics that impact LGBTQIA employees.  

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U of M Indigenous Women & Women of Color

University Women of Color sponsors events and gatherings that create a space for all women of color and indigenous women within the University to feel valued, supported, respected, and connected.

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U of M Veteran and Military Affinity Group

The U of M Veteran and Military Affinity Group serves as a network of resources and shared experiences for staff and faculty veterans and active military service members, while providing opportunities to network and develop professionally and personally. VMAG plans to meet once a month in addition to hosting events.

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Duluth Faculty/Staff Associations

Commission on Equity, Race, and Ethnicity (UMN Duluth)
The Commission on Equity Race & Ethnicity (CERE) works to create an equitable campus community for people of all racial, ethnic, and intersecting identities through education and institutional change at UMD.

Commission on Disabilities (UMN Duluth)
The mission of the UMD Commission on Disabilities is to advocate for meaningful access and inclusiveness across campus for all people; to promote educational awareness of both visible and invisible disabilities, and to assure legal compliance with all regulations in the area of equity for individuals with disabilities.

Commission for Women (UMN Duluth)
The Commission for Women provides support to women employees with an emphasis on advocacy, development, and connection, to enrich the professional working and learning environments at UMD.

GLBTQAI Commission (UMN Duluth)
The GLBTQAI Commission is committed to creating a safe, welcoming, and enriching climate for the UMD GLBTQAI community that enables GLBTQAI students, faculty, and staff to thrive intellectually, socially, and emotionally at the university and in surrounding communities.  We strive to accomplish this through education, advocacy, collaborative planning with other University and community groups, and outreach and support to members of the UMD GLBTQAI community.

Employees of Color and American Indians (UMN Duluth)
The Employees of Color and American Indians (EOCAI) association's mission is to foster a community of support and interdependence to assist members to navigate the university systems, so that members can thrive and, ultimately, be successful at UMD.  The association organizes mentoring programs and shares resources to support the professional development of its members, engages in campus diversity inclusion and equity activities, takes actions for racial and social justice issues, and works to promote infrastructure change to better serve its members. Contact: [email protected]

U of M Alumni Association Networks

The University of Minnesota Alumni Association also offers groups for alumni of the U of M. These networks actively engage alumni and friends through communities with an interest in the welfare of the University of Minnesota. You can connect with others through these networks to engage on campus and beyond. Learn more

Faculty/Staff Associations