Sexual Misconduct Hearing Committee and Hearing Panels

Hearing panel composition 

Each hearing panel includes a hearing chair and four panel members. The four panel members are University members who have volunteered and been trained for the role. In each case, at least one panel member is of the same University classification (i.e., faculty, staff, or student) as the complainant, and at least one panel member is of the same University classification as the respondent.  Panel chairs are selected for their relevant expertise in the field, are trained, and may be compensated for their service.

Selection of hearing panelists  

Faculty, staff (including civil service, bargaining unit, and professional and administrative employees), and students from all five University campuses serve as panelists on the SMHC. Panelists serve a two- to three-year term (depending on their role on the Committee) and are recruited annually via an application process.

Questions about the SMHC  

For questions about the SMHC, please contact the SMHC Coordinator, Britt Anderson, at [email protected]. The SMHC Coordinator serves as the primary point of contact on post-investigation procedures for parties, panelists, University decision-makers, and others.


SMHC members are trained annually on issues related to prohibited conduct and on how to conduct a grievance process that protects the safety of complainants and promotes accountability.

Among other things, SMHC members receive training on:

  • the definitions of sexual harassment, sexual assault, stalking, and relationship violence;
  • the scope of the University’s education programs and activities;
  • how to conduct a hearing;
  • how to serve impartially, including by avoiding prejudgment of the facts at issue, conflicts of interest, and bias;
  • technology to be used at a live hearing, where applicable; and,
  • relevance of questions and evidence, including when questions and evidence about the complainant’s sexual predisposition or prior sexual behavior are not relevant.

Title IX-related training materials can be found here.

Governing Policies

Current Members

Jan Evans, Hearing Chair
Marcia Harris, Hearing Chair
Mitch Zamoff, Hearing Chair
Sara Gurwitch, Hearing Chair
Amanda Porter, Hearing Chair
Gessner Rivas, Hearing Chair
Craig Roen, Hearing Chair
Evan Tsai, Hearing Chair
Brenda Frye, Faculty
Jennifer Goodnough, Faculty
Michael Madden, Faculty
Macey Buker, Faculty
Sarah Hoffman, Faculty
Matthias Rothe, Faculty
Jared Strasburg, Faculty
Sylia Wilson, Faculty
Mercedes Porter, Faculty
Kristen Mark, Faculty
Traci Mann, Faculty
Chan Lan Chun, Faculty
Lacey Anderson, Staff
Cori Bazemore-James, Staff
Jules Lehto, Staff
Pamela Merzwski, Staff
Emily Krekelberg, Staff
Ian Moore, Staff
Kelsee Vogt, Staff
Michelle Beeghly, Staff
Evelyn Vocu, Staff
Bethany Simon, Staff
Tracy Rouse, Staff
Brittany Stokes, Staff
Lindsy Gornick, Staff
John Fields, Staff
Troy Schillinger, Staff
Beth Bayley, Staff
Carrie Sutherland, Staff
Mattie Hawley, Staff
Hal DeLaRosby, Staff
Erin Fernandez, Student
Peter Grace, Student
Robert Libal, Student
Mikael Mir, Student
Benjamin Lange, Student
Grace Getschel, Student
Abigail Thompson, Student
Maimuna Aden, Student
Stevan Blauert, Student
Breleigh Bauer, Student
Evelyn Elizondo, Student
Charlotte McDaniel, Student
Amanda Krinke, Student
Rachel Wittkopp, Student
Joan Osaigbovo, Student
Jonathan Kim, Student
Patty Hall, Student
Adam Sychla, Student
Dannah Nephew, Student
Jacob Rudolph, Student
Steven Nguyen, Student
James Roth, Student