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Love and care are critical values in higher education and in spaces that center equity and diversity. These are not the terms that always come immediately to mind in moments of crisis, but they can be the values that help individuals, communities, and institutions navigate through unfathomable moments of deep trauma. We are living through such a moment.

Whether you are directly or indirectly impacted by the recent war between Israel and Hamas and/or trying to support community members, including students, staff, faculty, or alumni, it is our goal to help you identify the range of resources available to you. 

During times of crisis and uncertainty, we recognize that our community seeks support, trauma-informed resources, and educational opportunities. Below, you will find information on systemwide and campus-specific resources that can address immediate needs or provide avenues to assist others. 

We will continuously update this page as information becomes accessible. We encourage you to contribute by sharing any University of Minnesota resources or events with us via email at [email protected].

Supporting our communities in the wake of the Israel/Hamas War

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Reporting, Safety, Mental Health, and Reflection Spaces 

Associations, Groups, and Cultural Centers 

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Freedom of Expression

University Policy

Several policies at the University of Minnesota reaffirm students’ right to free expression. 

  • Board of Regents Policy: Academic Freedom and Responsibility
    Academic freedom is the freedom, without institutional discipline or restraint, to discuss all relevant matters in the classroom, to explore all avenues of scholarship, research, and creative expression, and to speak or write on matters of public concern as well as on matters related to professional duties and the functioning of the University.

  • Board of Regents policy: Student Conduct Code
    The Student Conduct Code governs the conduct of all University of Minnesota students. Students rights and responsibilities under the First Amendment is key feature of the Code’s guiding principles.

  • Board of Regents policy: Code of Conduct
    The Code of Conduct applies to Regents, administrators, staff, and faculty. It further establishes the University’s commitment to promoting academic freedom and responsibility for all staff, faculty and Regents.

Protesting and Planning and Event

Given that the University of Minnesota is a public institution, it cannot unreasonably limit students’ First Amendment rights. Learn about protesting at the U of M.

Before planning an event, we encourage reading through the University’s policies regarding event management and planning. Learn about planning an event at the U of M